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Welcome to the free information sessions about the production. Representation advises doctors. To register for the lecture or consultation, please call tel. +370607 77169 or e-mail us [email protected] (private consultation costs 12 Eur.)


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    Dead doctors do not lie

    Translated from the lecture phonograms, in accordance with the author of the lexicon in 1998 Dr. Joel D.Wallach IABA popular in America. 1991. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize. This is what you read here may change your opinion about the health and modern medicine. So – can radically change you and your loved...
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    East – West Medicine. What is it?

    Many scientists of the world can not find a consensus. Only clear that the medicine is divided into two countries: -East (with old ethnic traditions of Tibetan monks millennia saved supporting health and treat recipes) Well, and of course, the West – with a lot of chemicals, treating only the symptoms of the disease, rather...
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    Treatment Basics

    So, if you have wondered, is it worth to you to live your life fully and full of energy, get off the old age, and not be an obstacle to their loved ones, you must understand that the source of health is only in your own hands. They say: “Hello kūne- healthy and soul.” There...
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    Tibetan medicine – it’s science, art and philosophy

    Unlike our Western medicine, Tibetan medicine, the man of the time part of nature and the human body and soul – the piece. Tibetan medicine is the oldest so far practiced medical type, which combines the most important Eastern medical traditions. This medicine, which has been nurtured for thousands of years and is now successfully...

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